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    Every parent’s worst fear is that their child will be catastrophically injured. Parents understand that they can’t keep their children safe from harm at all hours of the day. However, parents expect that their children will not be exposed to an unreasonable risk of harm when their children leave the home.

    If your child is seriously injured, your primary concern should be that they receive the best medical care. However, once your child’s medical condition is stabilized, it’s time to hire a child injury lawyer to determine how your child was injured and who is responsible for the harm. Then, your attorney can help you pursue compensation on your child’s behalf against the party whose careless actions injured your child.

    They attorneys at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, have recovered tens of millions of dollars for injured children and their families. We know how important it is for you to have an advocate during this terrifying time. Call us today at (404) 419-6674, or reach out through our online form to schedule a free case consultation.

    Common Child Injury Scenarios

    Some of the most common types of scenarios in which our child clients have been injured include the following:

    Playground Falls

    Children are frequently injured on playgrounds that are poorly designed or maintained. These playgrounds include school playgrounds, church playgrounds, public park playgrounds, and indoor playgrounds at fast food restaurant chains. If your son or daughter was harmed due to poorly-maintained playground equipment, call our Atlanta child injury legal team right away.

    Swimming Accidents

    Kids are often hurt or drowned at poorly kept or monitored pools. Lifeguards and other pool staff can be inattentive, which exposes your child to serious danger. Swimming pools in the backyards of homes are also risky. If the backyard is not properly secured with a fence, children can wander into the backyard, slip and fall into the pool and drown. Call Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC if your son or daughter was injured at a pool or waterpark facility.

    Animal Attacks

    Domestic and farm animals frequently injure children. Every year, thousands of children are treated at Georgia hospitals after being harmed by dog bites, cat scratches, and other animal attacks. Call a child injury lawyer today if the pet of a careless owner has injured you child.

    Recreational Injuries

    Children are often injured in athletic clubs or when using dangerous equipment that has not been properly secured. For instance, a child may swing a baseball bat and hit your son or daughter in the face. A child may lose fingers or toes while running a lawnmower. Or, a child may be shot with a loaded gun that was not stored in a locked cabinet. If your child was injured in a situation like this, you should immediately contact a child injury lawyer.

    Medical Malpractice

    A doctor, nurse, or dentist that fails to follow the basic rules of patient safety can cause a devastating injury to a child. Medical malpractice includes harm caused by birth injuries, surgical errors, over or under-prescribing medications, and more. If a medical professional injured your son or daughter, call an Atlanta child injury lawyer today for help.

    Car Crashes

    Car accidents are responsible for causing many child injuries. Even relatively minor impact car collisions can expose children to thousands of pounds of force within the blink of an eye. If your child was injured in a car accident, he or she might require extensive medical treatment. Call an attorney to learn more about your legal options if a reckless driver harmed your child.

    Defective Products

    A defective product can cause terrible harm, even if it is used as intended. Such products include slingshots, toy guns, trampolines, home appliances, and other items children frequently use and enjoy. If a toy or other product harmed your child, call Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC.

    What About Damages?

    If your child is catastrophically injured, you want them to receive the best possible medical care. Unfortunately, many health care plans have high deductibles and they don’t cover many types of specialist treatment. Some health insurers even refuse to pay for treatment after your child was admitted to the hospital if the admission was not “pre-authorized” by the health insurer.

    As a result, doctor’s visits, surgeries, and therapy can quickly become overwhelmingly expensive. Our child injury attorneys at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC have successfully represented child injury victims and their families for decades. Our trial lawyers understand how important it is to recover compensation for all of your family’s financial losses. We will help you build a strong case from the moment you hire our firm so that you can be made whole from the following expenses:

    • Bills for surgery and doctor’s visits
    • Your child’s counseling and therapy needs
    • Equipment needed to help your child’s recovery
    • Transportation costs related to your child’s recovery
    • Long-term future medical care
    • Property damaged in your child’s accident

    Injuries at a Public School or Park

    Many children are injured at schools or playgrounds that are owned by city or county governments. Georgia has enacted sovereign immunity laws that are designed to protect the state and its employees from being sued. In some cases, courts have ruled that these laws extend to public school districts as well as city and county governments and teachers. That makes it difficult to recover compensation for your child.

    However, there are several exceptions to these sovereign immunity laws including:

    Injuries Caused by a Non-State Actor

    If your child suffered injuries at school that were caused by another child or an adult that was not affiliated with the school, you can still sue for damages on your child’s behalf. In that scenario, you would sue the third party that is not protected by the state’s sovereign immunity laws. Contact an Atlanta child injury lawyer to determine whether your child’s injury falls under this exception to Georgia state sovereign immunity laws.

    Injuries Incurred in a Ministerial Act

    State sovereign immunity laws typically protect any government employee from being sued for a discretionary act, i.e. one that required the exercise of judgment. Even if the official made the wrong decision, he or she usually cannot be sued unless his or her acts were willful, wanton, or outside the scope of his or her authority.

    Ministerial acts, by contrast, do not involve the exercise of discretion. Ministerial acts are simple, absolute, and definite. If a state employee or official harmed your child by committing a prohibited ministerial act (i.e. hitting your child when there is a clear school policy that prohibits corporal punishment), they may no longer be protected by state sovereign immunity laws. Call Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC today if you believe your child was harmed by a government employee or official that violated a clearly established rule.

    Call an Atlanta Child Injury Lawyer for Help

    When your son or daughter is catastrophically injured, you will feel overwhelmed. You may be concerned about how your child will recover and get back to the activities they once enjoyed. You also are surely worried about how your family will ever be able to pay for your child’s past and future medical care. It’s important that you contact a skilled Atlanta child injury lawyer to help your family recover during this traumatic time.

    At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, we have helped many Atlanta families who were once in a devastating situation just like you. To discuss your options with an experienced lawyer, call us today at (404) 419-6674.

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