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    A broken bone or fracture is a serious injury. Broken bones are extremely painful. They can prevent you from working. They take months to heal. Even after they’ve healed, they can cause you to suffer arthritis for the rest of your life.

    If you suffered broken bones due to someone’s carelessness, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses. The first step is to file an insurance claim. If the insurance company won’t pay you the compensation that you deserve, then you can file a lawsuit and let a jury hold the careless person and his or her insurance company accountable for the harms they caused.

    The personal injury lawyers at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC have the time, dedication, and resources to help you maximize the compensation that you can obtain for your broken bone injuries.

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    Common Broken Bones

    Broken bones are caused by many different types of accidents. They also range in severity from a simple fracture to a compound fracture where the bone tears through the skin. Most broken bones completely heal with proper medical attention. However, complex fractures require more invasive treatment and can lead to permanent disfigurement or arthritis.

    Some of the most common bone fractures include:

    • Broken wrist (distal radius or scaphoid fracture)
    • Broken arm (ulna, radius, or humerus bones)
    • Broken fibula (leg bone between the knee and ankle)
    • Broken tibia (the shinbone in the leg)
    • Combination tibia and fibula fracture
    • Broken ankle (talus or medial, posterior, or lateral malleolus bones)
    • Broken collarbone (clavicle bone)

    Types of Bone Fractures

    Bones do not all break the same way. Some fractures are relatively simple, and all that you will need to recover is a cast, and/or a sling, and time. Other fractures are more complicated, and require surgical insertion of pins, screws, or plates. Our broken bones lawyers handle all legal claims involving fractures, such as:

    • Greenstick fracture: The bone is not completely broken. Also known as an incomplete fracture.
    • Stable fracture: The bone breaks but the ends of the bone line up and they are not far out of place.
    • Transverse fracture: The bone breaks in a horizontal line.
    • Oblique fracture: The bone breaks at an angle.
    • Comminuted fracture: The bone breaks into three or more pieces.
    • Spiral fracture: The break spirals around the bone.
    • Compression fracture: The bone is crushed and either flattened or widened.
    • Segmental: A single bone breaks in two separate places and there is a segment of bone “floating.”
    • Open, compound fracture: The skin is pierced by the force that caused the broken bone or by the bone itself. The bone may be visible through the open wound.

    The length of your recovery process depends upon the type of injury that you suffered and its severity. An open, compound fracture requires more rigorous care than a stable fracture. If you suffered one or more broken bones in an accident, you should work with an attorney that specializes in broken bone injury cases.

    Attorneys that specialize in broken bone injury cases will help make sure that you receive the best medical treatment. They will also ensure that your potential future harms (disfigurement, arthritis, etc.) are properly factored into the value of your case.

    Treating Broken Bones Takes Time and Medical Care

    There are several ways that doctors treat broken bones, including:

    • Traction: Traction is used to gently pull the bone or bones to align them properly.
    • Open reduction and internal fixation: That is a surgical operation in which the bone fragments are repositioned, also known as reduced, and then held together with screws or metal plates on the outside of the bone. These screws and plates are not visible above the skin.
    • External fixation: That is a surgical operation in which metal pins or screws are placed in the broken bone(s) above and below the fractured area. The pins or screws are connected to a metal bar above the skin to stabilize the healing fracture.
    • Immobilization with a plaster or fiberglass cast: The purpose of a cast is to ensure that you do not move the broken bone out of position. By remaining in place, your broken bone is in a better position to completely heal.
    • Functional cast or brace: In some cases, it is not possible to fully immobilize the bone. In those situations, a functional cast or brace enables limited or controlled movement.

    Depending upon the bone and the type of break, your bone fracture might take weeks or months to heal. Your pain might last for days, weeks, or months depending upon the circumstances. Even after the pain recedes, you typically still need a cast or to limit movement for additional weeks or months.

    After your bone fracture is healed, you typically need to undergo physical therapy to rebuild strength and mobility in your damaged limb. Sometimes, that just means going to a few physical therapy appointments to learn exercises that you can perform at home. More serious broken bone injuries will require lengthy physical therapy treatment with a therapist.

    Examples of Broken Bone Accidents

    At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, our broken bones trial lawyers have recovered tens of millions of dollars for personal injury victims. We handle all types of vehicle accidents, dangerous property claims, work injuries, medical malpractice, defective product claims, and abuse and neglect claims. No matter how you suffered a break, regardless of the type or location of the fracture, we know what it takes to obtain full and fair compensation.

    Some examples of broken bone cases that we have handled include:

    • Brokens from car, truck, and motorcycle accidents
    • Motor vehicle accidents and broken collarbones
    • Slip and fall hip fractures
    • Slip and fall wrist and arm fractures
    • Slip and fall skull fractures
    • Broken bones from nursing home abuse and neglect
    • Broken bones from child abuse at daycares, foster homes, and group homes

    Pursuing Compensation for Broken Bones

    When another party’s negligence caused your injuries, you have the right to pursue compensation for all of your losses. The value of your case is usually influenced by the location of your fracture and the severity of your fracture.

    A simple arm fracture might be inconvenient, but it’s not usually debilitating. A complex fracture in the foot, ankle, or leg, by contrast, might immobilize you for months. You also might not be able to drive or complete your work tasks. A veteran broken bones lawyer will make sure that the insurance adjuster, and/or jury, understands all of the harms you’ve suffered – past, present, and future.

    Another important factor that influences the value of your case is your medical expenses –past and future. If you suffered a stable fracture of one of the metatarsal bones in your foot, you might only need minimal medical attention. For instance, you might have to wear a cast or protective footwear, often called a boot. You might also need to modify or limit your activity to give the bone time to heal. Your medical expenses in that scenario are usually limited to the original doctor’s visit, X-rays, one or two follow-ups, and the cast or brace.

    By contrast, if you suffered a comminuted fracture in the calcaneus, the heel bone, that is a far more severe injury. It usually requires immobilization for an extended period. You also might need surgery to reconstruct or fuse the joint. Then, you will need to undergo physical therapy to restore strength and function to your foot and ankle. Your medical costs in that situation will often exceed $50,000.

    It is critical to hire an experienced legal professional to fully assess your losses and pursue maximum compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, mental distress, and any disfigurement or disability.

    Let Our Broken Bones Attorneys Fight For You

    If you or a loved one has suffered broken bones as the result of an accident, you should speak with an Atlanta broken bones attorney from Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC. Our knowledgeable team of attorneys will help you identify all potential sources of insurance that can help compensate you for your injuries. If the insurance company refuses to pay you the fair value of your claim, we will be glad to take your case to trial.

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