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    If you’re a small or mid-size business owner in Atlanta, you know that a disloyal employee or a greedy partner can do serious harm to your business. In fact, if you’re reading this page, you might have already begun to learn that difficult lesson.

    When a business partner violates the terms of your partnership agreement, or a former employee steals trade secrets or other confidential business information from you, you’ve got two options: 1) let it slide, or 2) take action so that it never occurs again. Unfortunately, if you sit idly, you will send a signal to your business partner and your current employees that they can take advantage of you without fear of any repercussions.

    Small and mid-size business owners that do decide to sue their deceitful partners and employees often make the mistake of hiring a well-known business litigation firm that charges $800/hour to perform tasks that can be done just as effectively for a third of that cost. Those big firm lawyers will wine and dine you to gain your business. Then, once you hire them, the only person that will take your calls is their secretary. The attorneys’ only contact with you is a massive bill they drop in your inbox each month.

    Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC Can Help

    The business litigation attorneys at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC have successfully represented small and mid-size business owners for over three decades. Each year, we accept cases from a handful of small and mid-sized business owners that each have a righteous cause to litigate – whether it’s a partnership divorce due to an unfaithful partner, or an action to punish a former employee who formed a new business after stealing your firm’s trade secrets or other confidential information.

    We have helped our business clients favorably resolve a wide variety of business disputes in state and federal court, including:

    • Breach of contract
    • Breach of fiduciary duty
    • Partnership disputes
    • Trade secret theft
    • Theft of confidential business information
    • Employee non-competition/non-solicitation agreement violations
    • Employee non-disparagement agreement violations

    As trial lawyers who have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients over the course of 30 years, we have the tenacity and attention to detail to deliver the results you want to achieve. As small business owners, we understand the value of hiring a firm that will promptly respond to all of your calls and e-mails, and keep you intimately involved in the strategic and financial decisions throughout your case.

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    "Charles is an excellent trial attorney who possesses a unique talent to hone in on the significant issues and turn the Defendant’s strengths against them. Charles is as honest as the day is long and works tirelessly to ensure that his clients receive all that is possible. While no lawyer is perfect, Charles strives to be as good a lawyer as there is on this planet, and he succeeds!"
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