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    If your car was rear-ended, you likely suffered whiplash. Rear end collisions are typically caused by careless or distracted driving. The driver behind you might have been texting, talking on the phone, or going too fast for conditions. If you suffer whiplash from a car accident, you might be able to recover compensation for your injury.

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    What is Whiplash?

    Whiplash is a serious neck injury that causes fatigue, severe pain, and decreased range of motion in the neck. Whiplash happens when the neck and head are pulled too far, too fast, and too forcefully. Whiplash typically injures the nerves, neck tissues, spinal discs, the spinal column, and muscles. Depending upon the severity of your whiplash injury, you might suffer long-term health problems, including psychological issues, like post-traumatic stress disorder. Treating these side effects over a prolonged period can lead to significant costs. Therefore, you should definitely consider hiring out legal team to fight for the compensation to make you whole.

    Whiplash Symptoms

    Does your neck hurt after a car accident? Are you unsure, though, if you have experienced whiplash? Look at these potential symptoms of whiplash from a rear-end collision or other whiplash accident.

    According to the Mayo Clinic, those who have suffered whiplash often experience:

    • Fatigue
    • Headaches
    • Neck stiffness
    • Upper body tenderness
    • Moderate to severe neck pain
    • Inability to move the neck at all
    • Shoulder, arm, and upper back pain
    • Inability to move the neck without experiencing pain

    A very severe case of whiplash, caused by a collision with a larger vehicle, like a truck accident, may include the following symptoms:

    • Dizziness
    • Inability to sleep
    • Memory problems

    As you can see, the effects of whiplash are serious and long-lasting.

    Some of the long-term effects of a whiplash injury include:

    • Disability
    • Costly medical care
    • Taking extended amounts of sick leave
    • A sharp decline in productivity compared to how you were before your injury

    Whiplash Statistics

    There are many statistics that demonstrate the severity of whiplash. If you have been injured, you should immediately seek medical attention, then call a whiplash lawyer right away.

    • According to Chiro Care Florida, over 60 percent of those who experience whiplash injuries require long-term medical care and 50 percent of people suffering from whiplash have pain even 20 years following the injury.
    • In 2001, the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology argued that whiplash injuries increase the potential of other types of injuries to your body, in addition to leading to chronic pain in the shoulder and the neck.
    • According to the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 15-40 percent of automobile accident survivors experience chronic pain.
    • A 1994 issue of Pain magazine concluded that 1 percent of all people have constant chronic pain that is related to whiplash sustained in a car accident.

    Distracted Driving is a Common Cause of Whiplash Injuries

    Many questions arise following a two-vehicle rear-end collision. The person seated in the front car of such an accident is frequently the injured victim, and the driver of the rear car is typically at fault. The driver of the rear car might have been distracted, making it probable that your whiplash injury was not your fault. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries.

    Distracted driving is extremely common. The National Safety Council (“NSC”) considers it a “deadly epidemic.” The NSC reports that up to 94 percent of vehicle accidents are caused by drivers making mistakes, as opposed to mechanical problems or environmental conditions. That means that if you have a whiplash injury, the driver of the vehicle that hit you is usually the blameworthy party.

    A survey by the United States Department of Transportation determined that 660,000 people use their cell phone while driving during the daylight. Using a cell phone while driving is a complicated maneuver because it requires one of your hands to be off of the wheel and your eyes to scan the phone screen. Taking those actions while driving creates a dangerous situation. If a driver can’t see what’s happening on the road – even for a second— the driver can easily lose control of the vehicle, or, not see a car ahead of them before it’s too late to stop.

    Other distractions include talking with children or other passengers in the car, searching for something in the vehicle while driving, and eating. Those actions all compromise the driver’s ability to respond to road conditions in a timely and safe manner. Thus, in a rear-end collision, there is a strong possibility that you were not at fault for your injury and you might be able to receive compensation for your whiplash injuries.

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