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    A T-bone accident refers to a specific type of motor vehicle collision in which the front end of one vehicle crushes the passenger side, or driver’s side, of another vehicle. T-bone accidents usually occur when at least one vehicle is traveling at a relatively high rate of speed. For instance, your vehicle might be traveling down the road at 45 miles per hour and the at fault driver fails to yield to your vehicle by turning directly across your lane of travel. Due to the fact that t-bone accidents are commonly “high impact” collisions (causing a lot of property damage), they also tend to cause serious injuries.

    If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a t-bone collision, you should not wait to contact a skilled Atlanta T-bone accident lawyer. Georgia law allows you to recover damages after being injured due to the at fault driver’s careless behavior. However, the more injured you are, the harder the insurance company will fight to deny you complete compensation for your losses.

    The lawyers at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC understand that a t-bone accident can turn your life upside down. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers know will listen to your story, help you find your voice and then recover the compensation that you deserve.

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    T-Bone Accidents Are Common And Have Many Causes

    T-Bone car accidents are responsible for causing one in four traffic deaths in the United States. That means that almost one person is killed in a T-bone accident in the Atlanta area every day, and many more are injured.

    T-bone wrecks can happen almost anywhere, but they most commonly occur at intersections where vehicles cross the intersection perpendicularly to one another. Some of the intersections in the Atlanta metro area that are prone to T-bone accidents include Memorial Drive and Hairston Road in Stone Mountain and intersections near off-ramps to interstates such as I-285 or I-85. Other dangerous places that T-bone wrecks occur include congested vehicle and pedestrian traffic areas such as downtown Atlanta, near Mercedes-Benz Stadium, or near Georgia Tech University.

    Some of the most common causes of T-bone accidents include:

    • Distracted drivers – A driver that fails to pay attention to the road for a moment can cause a sudden wreck. Those drivers often overlook red lights or stop signs. Or, they lose control of their car and strike nearby vehicles.
    • Driving while intoxicated A driver that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol often fails to appreciate his speed and the distance between his vehicle and your vehicle. Those drivers also usually have a greatly reduced response time. In other words, they might see your vehicle, but they fail to apply their brakes in time to avoid colliding with your vehicle.
    • Making an illegal turn – Some people ignore signs that prohibit left turns or right turns when there is a red light at the intersection. As a result, many t-bone collisions are caused when drivers take careless and illegal turns.
    • Driving too fast for conditions – No matter what the speed limit is, drivers must drive at a speed that is safe for the conditions of the road. Rain, ice, or rock salt on the road can cause a car to slide when the driver hits the brakes. You can be seriously injured if the driver was driving at a speed that was unreasonable considering the road conditions.
    • Vehicle failure – A defective or poorly maintained car can cause a T-bone wreck if its brakes or steering fail.
    • Aggressive driving – Aggressive drivers often speed or swerve in a reckless manner. Those drivers often are in such a hurry that they fail to stop or yield which leads to many car accidents at turns or intersections.

    Serious Injuries Associated with T-Bone Accidents

    T-bone accidents are known to cause some of the most extensive physical and mental injuries. As discussed above, t-bone collisions often occur at a high rate of speed. Additionally, t-bone accidents cause impacts to the driver’s side or passenger side of one of the vehicles which is not as well protected as the front or read-end of the vehicle. Even though most vehicles have side impact airbags to soften the impact from a t-bone collision, the absence of a bumper makes for a hard impact.

    There are many different ways that you can be hurt if someone crashes into the side of your vehicle. The door or side panel of your vehicle can be crushed into your body. If the vehicle that hits you is traveling at a 45 degree angle, it can cause your vehicle to flip over and fracture your skull. Even a low-speed T-bone accident can apply over 500 pounds of compression forces to your neck and back

    Some of the most common side impact collision injuries include:

    A Lawyer Can Help You Recover

    Anyone that has been injured in a terrible car accident is going to feel overwhelmed. Insurance companies are well-aware of that. As a result, they try to take advantage of the situation by offering you a quick settlement offer. For instance, they might call you a few days after the collision and offer to pay your emergency room bill.

    If your injuries are minimal, it might sense to settle your claim for a small amount. But, what if it turns out that your injuries are serious? It would be devastating to settle your case for a small amount only to later discover that you will need to undergo neck surgery. It is, therefore, important that you do not attempt to settle your t-bone accident case until you have been completely evaluated by your medical providers.

    You can recover compensation for many types of losses after a T-bone accident, including:

    • Medical bills
    • The cost of future medical and therapy needs
    • Lost wages
    • Lost future earning capacity
    • Wrongful death if a loved one was killed in the accident
    • Training for new work due to disability
    • Pain and suffering

    Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC Can Help You

    Attorneys that advertise on TV, radio, buses and billboards handle thousands of injury claims per year. Their goal is to settle their clients’ cases as quickly as possible, even if they’re settling for far less than the true value of their clients’ cases. They might urge you to settle before you’ve been completely evaluated by your medical providers.

    The attorneys at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC understand how to maximize the value of their clients’ cases. They dedicate the time and resources to ensure that their clients’ t-bone accident injuries are thoroughly evaluated before they ever attempt to settle a case.

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