Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta

most dangerous intersections in Atlanta

Imagine driving to work and stopping at a busy intersection in Atlanta that is controlled by a traffic light or stop sign. As you wait for the light to change or for pedestrians to cross the street, you take comfort in the fact that you are keenly observing your surroundings and obeying the traffic signal device. Unfortunately, not every other driver is as careful as you are. Indeed, accidents at Atlanta’s traffic intersections are a daily occurrence.

Although traffic intersections are designed to be safe, they are often dangerous because of the large amount of traffic that passes through them every day. Many drivers are impatient when they approach an intersection. They disregard the signs that are intended to keep intersections safe. When drivers disobey the basic safety rules of the road, accidents are bound to occur.

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Which Atlanta Intersections Pose the Most Danger?

While all intersections can be dangerous when drivers act recklessly or aggressively, some Atlanta intersections pose more of a hazard than other intersections.

Some particularly dangerous intersections in Atlanta are:

Tom Moreland Interchange

Also known as Spaghetti Junction, Tom Moreland Interchange is dangerous because of its many interchanges and intersecting roads. Both I-85 and I-285 cross at Tom Moreland Interchange and make driving quite a challenge. That intersection is also home to numerous access roads, which make it even more complicated to safely navigate.

East-West Connector at Austell Rd.

Situated in Cobb County, the East-West Connector at Austell Rd. is another example of a dangerous intersection. It is located near a number of retailers and it is often loaded with cars. There have been approximately 477 crashes at this intersection in the past three years.

Hembree Road and Alpharetta Highway

Dangerous intersections aren’t always on busy roads and interstates. They can also be found in quiet suburban areas. The intersection in front of North Fulton Hospital at Hembree Road and Alpharetta Highway is a representative example. It is known as one of the deadliest intersections in Fulton County.

Common Causes of Intersection Accidents in Atlanta

Intersection accidents in Atlanta happen for a variety of reasons. The most common include:

  • Incorrect assumption of other drivers’ actions: That occurs when one driver assumes that another driver is going to make a certain maneuver that they do not actually make. For example, the at fault driver might assume that he can safely turn left in front of your vehicle but he misjudged your speed and distance.
  • Turning with an obstructed view: Sometimes, it can be difficult for a driver to see all of the vehicles coming to an intersection. The driver might turn without being able to see a vehicle or pedestrian in the crosswalk and cause a crash.
  • Illegal maneuvers: There are a number of illegal maneuvers that drivers engage in at intersections, including turning left at a red light, using the wrong lane to turn, and turning right on red without coming to a complete stop first.
  • Distracted driving: Distracted driving also occurs at intersections. Instead of paying attention to the road, a driver might apply makeup, eat a snack, text his friend, or play with the radio settings in his vehicle.

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