Daycare Abuse and Neglect

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    Daycares and other child care facilities in Georgia must comply with strict regulations because the well-being of our children is at stake. These regulations govern, for example, the child-to-adult ratio, educational and training requirements for daycare workers, how to maintain a safe environment, activity requirements for the children, and healthy food requirements. When you sign your child up for daycare, you rightfully expect the staff to be well trained, to uphold all of these laws, and to care for your child with kindness. You also expect daycares to be a place where your child can thrive. However, there are situations in which a daycare facility or one of their employees neglects or abuses a child in violation of the law. This neglect and abuse can cause your son or daughter to suffer physical and psychological injuries.

    If your child has been hurt at a daycare facility, whether it was one, or many, incidents, you should call a daycare negligence lawyer right away. At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, we realize how scary this situation is for your child, you, and your family. The thought of your child being hurt by someone you trusted is horrifying. But, you can take action to get justice. If there is evidence of daycare abuse or neglect, we can represent you by filing a claim against the individual perpetrator or facility.

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    Daycare Abuse

    Daycare abuse is any intentional, harmful conduct perpetrated by an individual, usually an adult, against your child while they are at a child care facility. This often constitutes physical abuse, such as slapping, spanking, or hitting the children. It can include shoving the children around or improperly restraining them. Any willful, harmful or offensive physical contact between an adult day care worker and your child may constitute abuse. Another form of physical abuse is sexual abuse. Any sexual contact between a daycare worker and a child is illegal.

    If you notice any evidence of physical or sexual abuse on your child, such as inexplicable bruises or cuts, bruising or swelling around their genitals, or blood in their diaper or underwear, take your child to a physician immediately. Depending on the injuries and your discretion, you can go to your child’s pediatrician, your family’s general practitioner, or the emergency room. If the physician believes your child’s injuries are the result of the abuse, they will contact the police. Your next step should be to call a daycare abuse lawyer immediately.

    On the other hand, daycare abuse is not always physical. At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, we have seen situations in which daycare workers emotionally and psychologically abuse the children in their care. This can include calling the children names, belittling the children, withholding appropriate care such as clean clothing and diapers, inappropriately isolating the children from their peers, and threatening the children or their families with harm. This psychological trauma can cause children to be anxious, depressed, regress in their language and behavior, have nightmares or sleep problems, and have trouble socializing, concentrating, and learning.

    If you notice your child’s personality and capabilities deteriorating while they are at daycare, contact a healthcare professional and then a daycare lawyer.

    Daycare Neglect

    While abuse is intentional harmful conduct, daycare neglect may be due to carelessness or recklessness. Neglect, which occurs when the children do not receive the care they should, can arise from either intentional or negligent conduct. Neglect often occurs when a child care facility is insufficiently staffed, or the staff is not properly trained and qualified for their jobs. When there are not enough hands on deck, or the hands do not know what they are doing, your child’s health and safety are at risk.

    Daycare negligence also arises when the facility itself is not properly structured, maintained, or cleaned. Your child’s environment is very important, and if it is not set up in a way to keep children safe, then your son or daughter is likely to get hurt. For instance, your child could wander off and get hurt at a daycare facility with unlocked doors, a lack of fences, or open gates.

    Other common types of neglect include:

    • Leaving children unsupervised.
    • Failing to properly screen employee’s backgrounds before hiring them.
    • Not providing enough or any food and water throughout the day.
    • Providing food a child is allergic to.
    • Not changing the children’s diapers and clothing when they are soiled.
    • Allowing the children to hurt one another.
    • Allowing children to play with broken or dangerous toys, such as small choking hazards.

    If you believe your child was hurt at daycare because of carelessness by the facility’s staff or owners, contact Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC. We have handled many child care negligence cases. We will listen to your story, investigate, and advise you regarding whether you have a valid legal claim.

    Moving Forward With a Daycare Lawsuit

    If your child was hurt at daycare, your priority must be to ensure they receive medical attention and that you find a new and safe childcare situation. Once you can be confident that your child is in good hands, call to speak to one of our daycare negligence lawyers. We realize how difficult this situation is for parents, and we want to guide you through what comes next.

    At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, we will listen to what you know and ask questions to ascertain important facts about a potential case. Depending on the evidence you already have, we may need to conduct an initial investigation before we provide you with an opinion. If we believe you have a strong legal claim on behalf of your child, then we will explain how we may pursue compensation on your behalf.

    If your child was injured as a direct result of daycare neglect or abuse, then you may file a personal injury lawsuit on their behalf.

    Through this lawsuit, you can seek compensation for:

    • Your child’s past, present, and future medical costs
    • Your child’s pain and suffering
    • Your child’s disfigurement or permanent disability

    In many cases, the owner of the daycare facility is liable. However, you may also be able to file a claim against specific daycare workers. If from someone outside of the daycare harmed your child or a vendor of the daycare, then that individual or business may be liable.

    If a daycare accident led to your child’s death, contact us immediately. If we find there is evidence of abuse or negligence, then we can represent you in a wrongful death claim.

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    If your child tells you, they have been hurt at daycare, or you notice the physical or emotional signs of abuse, it is time to speak with an attorney. Your top priority, and ours will always be your child’s health and safety. While Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC cannot undo what has been done to your child, and we cannot reverse the trauma, we will fight to hold the daycare center and staff responsible for their reprehensible conduct.

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