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Human civilization has thrived ever since we began to harness electricity for lighting, machine operations, and thousands of other applications. However, when electricity is not safely harnessed, can cause fatal injuries. Therefore, electrical equipment must be properly installed, assembled, and maintained by professionals that understand how to prevent electricity from causing unnecessary harm. If you or someone you love was injured because someone negligently used or maintained electrical equipment, contact an experienced electrocution lawyer to learn how to hold the careless person accountable.

Electrocution victims are typically injured while at work, while visiting someone’s property, or while they’re at home. If you or someone you love has been seriously electrocuted, you might not know what to do. For instance, you might wonder how you’ll ever be able to prove that someone was at fault for causing your injuries. Car accident victims, by contrast, can usually identify the driver that injured them at the scene of the collision because drivers are required to stop at the accident scene and exchange information. In an electrocution incident, the at fault party (e.g. a maintenance technician) usually isn’t present when the injury occurred. The careless acts that injured you (e.g. faulty wiring) might have taken place long before you were injured.

When it isn’t immediately clear who caused your electrocution injuries, it can be challenging to obtain full compensation for your losses because the insurance company will try to deny liability. We urge you to contact an Atlanta electrocution lawyer that that handles disputed liability cases.

The attorneys at Graham Scofield Injury Lawyers are veteran trial lawyers. We’re not afraid to litigate a challenging case. We’ve recovered tens of millions of dollars in disputed liability cases including a $16 million dollar verdict in 2016. We have the time, dedication, and resources to invest in a challenging, but worthwhile case.

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Electrocutions And Electric Shock Accidents

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that electrical accidents seriously injure 4,000 Americans every year. Recently, several construction workers in Atlanta were badly injured when their equipment accidentally made contact with power lines. If you’re injured while on the job, the Georgia worker’s compensation system will apply, but it likely will not provide you complete compensation for your losses. You should contact an Atlanta work injury lawyer to learn about whether you can hold a third party accountable for your electrocution injuries. If a third party injured you, then you can sue them.

Some of the most common work-related electrocutions include:

  • Scaffold electrocution – Many construction workers are electrocuted by scaffolding that was not properly assembled to avoid contact with power lines or a building’s electrical wiring.
  • Exposed wiring – Many electrocutions happen when liquids or flammable materials touch exposed electrical wires.
  • Improperly installed cords – Electrical cords can often electrocute unsuspecting individuals when they are carelessly left in a place where they should not be.
  • Failure to turn off power – Sometimes a building’s electrical connection must be turned off to enable electricians to safely perform their jobs. Accidents often happen when people carelessly forget to perform that simple safety task.
  • Digging in dangerous locations – Building excavators must determine the exact location of power lines or metal piping before they dig. If they strike an electrically charge object while digging, the consequences are often fatal.
  • Defective power tools – A power tool that is unsafely manufactured, designed, or maintained can badly injure or kill the person using it.

Catastrophic Injuries Are Common After An Electrocution Accident

Electrocution incidents can cause serious external and internal burns. When someone is shocked by an electrical current, the current travels through a person’s body seriously damaging their internal organs and connective tissues. The extent of the damage will correlate to the voltage of the shock sustained. If you are experiencing tingling after an electric shock, that is typically a sign of internal damage.

If you’ve been electrocuted, we urge you to seek immediate medical attention. Even a relatively minor electrocution can cause long term problems, such as muscular pain and discomfort, fatigue, headache, problems with nerve conduction and sensation, and problems with balance and coordination.

Electrocutions also cause the following types of harms:

  • Broken bones and damaged muscles – Electrical shock can damage your joints and muscles. Many electrocution victims fall during their accidents and sustain bone and joint injuries.
  • Central nervous system damage – Electrocutions can cause serious brain and nerve damage when an electrical current flows through a person’s body. An electrical shock brain injury can impair your body’s ability to conduct nerve impulses and move your limbs.
  • Cardiovascular damage – A serious electrocution can cause your heart to stop beating. Death is imminent if you’re not timely resuscitated.

Recovering Compensation After An Electrocution

Electrocution injuries often require extensive inpatient medical care followed by long term physical therapy. The costs of your medical treatment can be staggering. Additionally, you will likely be unable to work for a lengthy period of time. You might find that you’re unable to cover your basic living expenses.

Many of our clients wonder, “can I receive disability compensation if I was hurt at work?” “Can I recover any compensation beyond what is available to me through Georgia’s worker’s compensation benefits program?” It’s important that you hire an attorney that understands how to investigate every potential source of financial compensation for your losses. Critically, you attorney must know how secure that compensation for you.

Our legal team has successfully litigated serious injury cases for over three decades. We will make sure that you get the most out of Georgia’s workers’ compensation system, while also pursuing a third party claim if we believe that a third party is also responsible for the harms that you suffered.

Your financial recovery can come from one or more of the following sources:

  • Workers’ compensation claim – Most Georgia workers hurt on the job can recover damages from their employer’s insurance policy. A skilled lawyer can help make sure that you receive all of the compensation for which you are entitled.
  • Third party actions – In addition to a workers’ comp claim, you may be able to obtain compensation from a third party involved in your accident that is not affiliated with your employer. A skilled lawyer will understand if that option is available in your case.
  • Defective Product Lawsuits – Sometimes, you can recoup damages from the manufacturer or distributor of a defective product that caused your electrocution injuries. In a case like that, you need to hire a lawyer that specializes in product liability lawsuits.

Graham Scofield Injury Lawyers Can Help After An Electrocution Accident

If you or your loved one has been catastrophically electrocuted, you should not hesitate to contact Graham Scofield Injury Lawyers. Our veteran electrocution lawyers will help you evaluate all of your legal options so that you can recover fair compensation from the parties that harmed you.

Contact us right away to speak with our experienced electrocution lawyers about your injury and how we can help. Call (404) 939-9470 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

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