Why You Should Avoid Social Media After a Car Accident

Smartphone in a Mouse Trap

It’s understandable that you’d want to seek support from your friends and family after you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle collision. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat offer you the opportunity to express your feelings. However, if you use social media after a car accident to discuss any aspect of the collision, including your medical condition, you may seriously harm your case.

Insurance companies are always looking for an excuse to deny your compensation claim. Your social media conversations give them volumes of information to use against you as discussed below. Protect your interests by working with an experienced Atlanta car accident lawyer that understands the perils of social media.

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Insurance Companies and Your Car Accident Claim

An insurance company is a business that only cares about profits. Insurance companies lose money when they pay large claims. Therefore, the insurance company’s goal is to pay you as little as it can to resolve your claim. They will always seek justification for low-balling your claim.

Ways Insurance Companies Exploit Social Media After a Car Accident

Every communication that you share on social media gives the insurance company an opportunity to use your words against you. Your posts are available to virtually everyone regardless of your privacy settings.

Here’s what you could unintentionally disclose to an insurance adjuster that’s seeking to justify his or her denial of your claim.

You Might Reveal Fault
Any comments that you post about what happened in your car accident could give an insurance adjuster ammunition to cast blame upon you. For instance, if you comment that you slammed on your brakes to avoid a collision in front of you, the insurance adjuster of the vehicle that rear-ended your vehicle will argue that your abrupt actions caused the defendant to rear-end you, rather than his carelessness.

Physical Injuries
Posts about your activities weaken your claim if they demonstrate that you are more physically capable than what’s expected of a victim in your condition.

Emotional Distress
If you’re requesting compensation for emotional distress, you must have solid evidence to establish depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions that are casually related to the collision. You will have difficulty proving these your pain and suffering if you post content that shows you enjoying life, such as going on vacations or dancing at weddings.

Any time that you post content on social media, your location is traceable. You lose credibility with an insurance adjuster – and potentially members of the jury – if your history reveals that you’re going on bike rides or jogs each day.

Trust a Dedicated Car Accident Lawyer to Assist with Your Claim

Don’t risk your right to recover compensation by posting information on social media after a car accident. If you’re tempted to toss a photo up on Instagram or send a Snapchat to your friends and family following a collision, take a step back, and evaluate the situation, and reach out to a skilled attorney. A car accident lawyer can advise you on how to communicate with your loved one to let them know you are okay following a crash.

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