Types of Places where Negligent Security Might Occur

security guard in mall

Negligent security involves an individual becoming injured on someone else’s property as a result of a foreseeable crime. In Georgia, property owners and businesses have a duty of care to provide adequate security to keep their premises reasonably safe for visitors. If a property owner fails and a visitor is harmed in a preventable event, they can be held liable. The most common types of places where negligent security cases arise include the following. 

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers and storefronts can sometimes be the scene of attacks, assaults, or robberies. The most frequent locations where these crimes occur are adjacent parking lots or garages. Therefore, customers have the right to expect reasonable security when at a shopping center, in a store, or in their parking lots. 

Apartment Buildings

Since many people come and go from apartment buildings, there is an inherent security risk. Therefore, landlords or owners have a duty to provide reasonable security in common areas, such as the property grounds and parking lot. Additionally, landlords or owners must provide working locks and other appropriate barriers to protect tenants and guests. 

Bars or Nightclubs 

Crowds are an easy target, and criminals can slip in unseen and undetected. With alcohol being consumed, there is also an increased risk of fights and attacks. Many owners fail to provide an adequate amount of security inside and outside of their establishments, such as ensuring security guards have proper training, ensuring the inside and outside are patrolled frequently, anticipating and recognizing hazardous situations, and taking preventative measures to counteract them, such as installing surveillance cameras or installing proper lighting at the entrances, alleyways, and parking lots. 


Hotels are filled with strangers who are there for a short time, making it critical for owners to ensure the premises remains reasonably safe for visitors. Owners fail to do so when there is a lack of lighting in common areas, if hotel doors do not have properly functioning locks, or if the staff is not adequately trained in security policies and procedures. 

Colleges or Universities 

Criminal attacks and sex crimes are increasing problems at colleges and universities. Therefore, schools have a substantial duty to provide adequate security. However, they can fail in their legal obligation, and incidents often happen, for example, when residential halls do not have working locks, there is a lack of lighting on campus or in the parking garages, failure to install or repair surveillance cameras, or when the campus in its entirety is not consistently patrolled. 

Negligent Security Location Statistics 

A study completed on over 1,000 negligent security lawsuits between 1992 to 2001 found the following statistics:

  • In 70% of the cases, the plaintiffs (victims) were customers or guests of the business, 17% of plaintiffs were employees of the defendant (at-fault party), 7% were unknown due to confidentiality, and 1% were trespassers. 
  • Lawsuits most commonly arose from incidents that occurred in parking lots (289 cases) and apartments (211 cases). 

Negligent Security Assault and Battery Statistics

  • Bars and nightclubs made up the majority of defendants (85 cases), primarily due to bar fights.
  • Apartment complexes or condominiums were named in 76 cases.
  • Restaurants were named as defendants in 70 cases. 

Negligent Security Rape Statistics

  • 65 cases arose from incidents that took place at an apartment complex or condominium
  • 28 in hospitals or nursing homes
  • 26 in hotels
  • 23 in malls

Negligent Security Robbery Statistics 

The most commonly named defendants were as follows : 

  • Hotels (21 cases)
  • Stores (21 cases)
  • Shopping malls (20 cases)
  • Apartment complexes (19 cases)
  • Restaurants (19 cases)

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to negligent security, contact an Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney today to discuss your legal options. 

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