Types of Doctors You May See After a Car Accident in Atlanta

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After a car accident, you should immediately seek medical attention. A doctor can perform a physical exam and diagnose and treat your injuries. Even if you think you’re fine and don’t think you have been hurt, seeing a doctor right after a crash is the key to protecting your rights and health.

If you wait to seek medical attention or fail to do so, the at fault party’s insurance company will contend that you haven’t been injured by the accident and offer you less compensation than you deserve. That is especially true if your injury becomes apparent a few days, weeks, or even months after the crash.

Below is a list of the type of doctors that typically treat your injuries following a car accident. If you suffer an injury after a car accident in Atlanta, reach out to our experienced car accident lawyers at Graham Scofield Injury Lawyers. We can help you collect the maximum compensation you may be entitled to recover for your losses. Call us at (404) 939-9470 today or use our online contact form.

An Emergency Room Doctor

Unfortunately, a car accident has the potential to leave you with a life-threatening injury such as a brain injury, kidney damage, and/or internal bleeding. If you suffer any of those injuries, go to an emergency room (ER) doctor as soon as possible. Depending on your condition and severity, they may treat you right there or refer you to a specialist.

Primary Care Physician

Your primary care physician (PCP) is your main doctor that you go to on a regular basis. They know your health history and help you manage common illnesses and chronic conditions. If you don’t have a life-threatening injury, you may want to make an appointment with your PCP. If your condition requires advanced treatment, they’ll likely refer you to a specialist too.

Urgent Care Doctor

If your condition isn’t serious enough for emergency care at the hospital but you can’t see your PCP right away, an urgent care doctor may be a good option. An urgent care doctor works in a walk-in clinic and is typically available after regular business hours, including weekends and evenings.

If you go to an urgent care center, note that an urgent care doctor can help you diagnose a simple condition and perform a simple office-based treatment so you can’t count on them to treat serious injuries.

A Specialist

Many car accident injuries require the attention of a specialist doctor who is well-versed in a particular type of medicine. If the car accident injured your neck or back, you may need to go to an orthopedist who specializes in spinal injuries. On the other hand, if you suffered a mild, moderate or severe brain injury, you may need to seek the attention of an neurologist who treats brain injuries.

Why Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Once you seek medical attention, it’s important to consult a car accident lawyer who can evaluate your case, determine liability, and file a claim on your behalf. When you do see a car accident lawyer, be sure to bring any medical documentation you have from the doctor as that can be vital to determining the value of your medical bills and other damages. With legal representation by your side, you can increase your chances of collecting the maximum compensation you may deserve.

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