What to do After a Truck Accident

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    There are thousands of truck accidents every year in Georgia that cause serious injuries and sometimes even death. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know what to do when we’re injured in a truck collision because we believe that we’ll never be the victim of a truck accident. That’s understandable. However, if you know what to do in the immediate aftermath of a truck accident, your recovery will proceed much more smoothly.

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    Find Safety And Call For Emergency Help

    People are usually shocked and confused after being hit by another vehicle, especially a large truck. As soon as you regain your senses, the first thing that you must do is make sure that you move to a safe location if you can. Your accident scene is probably on a busy road where there is oncoming traffic. In addition to the dangers posed by oncoming vehicles, there could also be sharp pieces of debris near any accident scene, as well as fire hazards, such as hazardous truck cargo. You must try to avoid damaged vehicle parts, and potentially dangerous cargo, in the immediate aftermath of your truck accident.

    Once you make sure that you are in a relatively safe spot, call 911. You must be cautious when trying to move others who may have serious bone, joint, or spine injuries. Many times people want to help others who are hurt, but hesitate due to fear of being held liable for causing harm. While we encourage you to focus primarily on your well-being and that of your passengers, Georgia’s Good Samaritan laws protect you from being held liable for any legal damages when you provide help to others so long as you:

    1. Do not act in a malicious manner
    2. Do not seek compensation for your help

    Reporting Your Accident

    Georgia law requires that all accidents be reported to police if someone is hurt or there is at least $500 in damages. We encourage you to immediately report any truck accident that you are involved in. An official police report that is written soon after the wreck will be a great resource for your personal injury lawyer if you need to recover compensation from a negligent party. The report will help your lawyer quickly determine who was at fault, as well as their insurance carrier.

    United States Department of Transportation accident reporting procedures require trucking companies to report an accident if someone is injured, killed, or if a truck must be towed from the scene. Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer can ensure that all parties do their duty to report wrecks. FMCSA accident reporting requirements place the burden on the carrier to record the following information in an accident register:

    • The date of the accident
    • The specific location where the accident occurred
    • Name of the truck driver
    • Number of injuries and fatalities
    • If hazardous material was released due to the accident (vehicle fuel is excluded)
    • Copies of accident reports that are required in the state where the wreck took place

    Contact Your Truck Accident Lawyer As Soon As Possible

    After making sure that you get to a safe spot and seek medical attention, it’s important to call an experienced truck accident lawyer. These are complex cases that typically involve several parties. Each party will typically point the blame at the other party in an attempt to avoid liability for causing the collision. Your lawyer will have to determine whether the trucker, their employer, or third-party loaders owe you damages. Even when it’s clear that the truck caused the collision, the truck company’s insurance carrier will hire a team of attorneys to argue that your injuries were not caused by the collision.

    When we investigate a truck accident, our legal team analyzes each one of the following records:

    • Truck company history and records
    • Truck driver licenses and background checks
    • Truck driver hours of operation logs
    • Truck loading practices
    • Cargo records
    • Accident reconstruction data
    • Toxicology reports and pertinent medical records of all drivers involved
    • Cell tower data
    • Police and witness reports

    You should contact a lawyer at your earliest convenience so that they request that the trucking company preserve all of these critical records. Hiring a lawyer at your earliest opportunity will also increase the likelihood that your lawsuit will be filed before the statute of limitations expires. Georgia requires that personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits be filed within two years or else risk being thrown out of court. Our truck accident lawyers build strong cases to maximize the settlement that you can achieve with the trucking company’s insurance carrier. If the insurance carrier will not negotiate with us in good faith, we use our decades of trial experience to win damages for our clients in court. For these reasons, call your Georgia truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

    Be Active In Your Ongoing Recovery And Health Needs

    In addition to seeking medical treatment for yourself and your passengers, it’s important that you carefully follow your doctors’ orders throughout your entire recovery process. Do not hesitate to seek medical help for any ailments that develop or get much worse in the weeks or months after your crash. If you need help finding reliable or appropriate medical care, be sure to speak with your accident lawyer. Following your doctor’s orders will help you heal faster. It will also make your case stronger. If you don’t follow your doctor’s orders, the insurance company will argue that your injuries weren’t that serious..

    Questions to ask your doctor include:

    • How will my injuries affect my life going forward?
    • What future ailments might I suffer from due to my wreck?
    • What surgeries or therapies might I need over the next few months or years?

    Allen & Scofield, Injury Lawyers Can Help You After A Bad Truck Accident

    Truck accidents injure thousands of people in Georgia every year. As lawyers with decades of experience recovering compensation for victims of these horrible wrecks, Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC understand how important it is for our clients to know how to take care of themselves following a truck accident. It’s important to seek emergency medical attention immediately and to call your lawyer without delay. Do not accept any settlement offers or sign any paperwork from a truck company or insurance carrier without speaking with a lawyer first. Truck carriers are supposed to compensate you for all the harm they cause. A skilled lawyer can make sure that you get all the help you need.

    We have helped truck accident victims in Atlanta, Fulton County, Dekalb County, Clayton County, Gwinnett County, Cobb County, and throughout Georgia. Call Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC today at (404) 419-6674 or use our online form to schedule a free, initial consultation.

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