Fatal Truck Accidents in Atlanta

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    Many interstate cargo companies employ trucks that travel throughout our state. These large vehicles can be found on busy freeways, crowded city streets, and in rural areas. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of trucks, truck accidents are all too common in the Atlanta area. If you or a loved one are in an accident with a truck, you could very easily suffer from catastrophic injuries or even be killed. As attorneys for the victims of many of these wrecks, we understand that a single truck accident can change your life forever. However, you do have legal options if a loved one has been tragically injured or killed in a truck accident. A skilled Atlanta truck accident lawyer can find out what exactly happened, and recover compensation from the negligent parties. Truck accident cases are much more complex than a standard car accident case, and you will need an experienced legal advocate to secure the relief that you and your family deserve.

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    There Are Many Causes Of Deadly Truck Accidents

    There is a lot that can go wrong when a truck is on the road. Thousands of truck accidents happen every year in Georgia, and no two incidents are the same. A truck accident fatality can happen when the victim is doing everything right. Many times a crash is unavoidable and catches one or several other drivers completely off guard. Truck crashes can be caused by almost countless different things that may have gone wrong, and it takes an experienced investigator to determine exactly who caused your accident.

    People often believe that the deadliest place for truck wrecks are large highways where trucks are going at high rates of speed while near passenger vehicles. However, that is typically not the case. Highways tend to be the roads which are in the best condition, and they are engineered to carry huge amounts of traffic. Small roads are often overused, and not kept in the best working shape. Additionally, many people on small roads let their guard down and are not as attentive as they should be. About two-thirds of deadly truck accidents happen on small or rural roads.

    The fatal truck crash that has affected your family may have occurred due to one or several of the following factors:

    • A trucker distracted by something such as their phone or map
    • An overly aggressive driver
    • An intoxicated truck driver
    • A trucker who is overworked and fell asleep
    • A trucker who is not properly trained
    • A poorly maintained truck
    • Poor road conditions
    • A defective truck part

    Proving Fault In A Fatal Truck Accident

    Truck accidents often occur when a driver is negligent behind the wheel, just as with any other motor vehicle accident. However, truck accidents are much more complex since there are more parties involved, and significantly more laws and regulations in play. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sets all of the safety regulations that apply to the nations’ trucking industry. The truck driver in your loved one’s accident may have violated the FMCSA’s hours cap, or perhaps they did not meet the training requirements. However, it’s also possible that the trucking company that employed the driver is also at fault. For instance, the trucking company may have failed to properly maintain their trucks, or if they may have ordered a trucker to haul dangerous cargo that is not properly secured.

    Proving fault in a deadly truck crash case requires that your lawyer understand Georgia’s negligence laws. Additionally, your lawyer must also have a very strong knowledge of state and federal trucking regulations. You may be entitled to recover compensation after the death of a loved one who was killed because a truck company violated federal laws. However, your lawyer must know how to analyze these highly technical accidents.

    The many pieces of evidence that we will collect and study in a fatal truck accident case include:

    • Truck company history and records
    • Truck driver’s background and driving record
    • Truck maintenance records
    • Police and government official reports
    • Witness testimony
    • Pictures and video of the accident or the scene afterward
    • Medical records of your injuries
    • Cell phone tower data
    • Accident reconstruction data

    Wrongful Death Claims And Survival Actions

    A fatal truck accident can devastate your family. It’s awful to lose a close relative in a needless wreck. You’ve lost a companion, and you may also have lost a source of income that you and your family rely upon. Georgia law allows for you to recover compensation from a party whose carelessness caused the untimely death of a spouse, parent, or child. As wrongful death attorneys who have helped many families recover after fatal truck wrecks, we know how complex and difficult these cases can be. The opposing party’s insurance provider is determined to pay you as little compensation as they can. In order to recover the damages you deserve, you must have a very experienced legal team.

    In addition to pursuing a wrongful death claim after your loved one’s passing, your attorney can file a survival action against the negligent party, as well. While wrongful death claims seek the damages that you deserve due to the loss of your loved one, your survival action seeks the damages that your loved one could have recovered from the accident but could not due to their death. These suits are just like any truck accident injury claim, but they are brought by a representative of the deceased person’s estate.

    Damages that were due to the recently killed truck accident victim may include:

    • Medical and therapy bills sustained before death
    • Lost wages
    • Property damages
    • Compensation for pain and suffering after the injury

    Call Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC For Help

    Truck accidents cause significant damage and injuries on a daily basis. There are hundreds of truck accident victims who suffer deadly injuries every year in Georgia alone. If your loved one was killed in a truck accident, you will need an experienced truck accident lawyer. The causes of truck accidents can be much more complex than typical car wrecks. Furthermore, the trucking industry is heavily regulated, and truck companies and their insurance providers are known to fight aggressively to reduce their liability when an accident causes injury or death.

    Georgia’s statute of limitations requires that wrongful death claims be filed within two years or risk being dismissed without compensation being paid to the victims. Given the technical complexity of deadly truck accidents and the many different parties who can get involved, it’s important to call a skilled fatal truck accidents lawyer as soon as possible. At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, we have helped many families in your difficult position. We know how to determine who was responsible for the untimely death of your loved one, and we can recover the compensation that you deserve. Do not wait too long to call us for help during this difficult time.

    Our experienced truck accident lawyers know how devastating it can be to suddenly lose a family in a terrible accident. The Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC approach each case with the compassion and determination that is necessary to win for your family. To speak with a fatal truck accident lawyer and schedule a free consultation, call us at (404) 419-6674 or contact us online.

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