5 Star Review – James S.

In June of 2013, I was involved in a motorcycle accident, which was no fault of mine. I am lucky to be alive, but sustained back injuries and scarring that will unfortunately last me a lifetime. For the first couple of months I was solely concerned with recovery, this was until the medical bills started coming in.

It was at this time we retained Graham Scofield, and it was at this time that some of the stress was taken off my shoulders. I can honestly say that I thought this would be a more difficult and stressful process. However, Mr. Scofield stayed so on top of my case that I would get updates from him before I even had the chance to email or call and ask for one.

Graham guided me every step of the way, allowing me to have more time to focus on my recovery, as well as to learn how to deal with injuries that will never go away. He was able to get me the best settlement that I could have asked for. I truly believe that if we had gone with any other law firm, and been assigned any other lawyer, then this would not have been the case.

Mr. Scofield fought for me. I am truly grateful, and recommend the firm, and specifically Mr. Scofield if you need any representation. He was tough, on top of things, and overall EFFECTIVE. You don’t want to go anywhere else!

James – Atlanta, GA

"When I felt all hope was lost, I contacted Graham Scofield to see if he could represent me. He immediately called me back and thoroughly reviewed with me the case. He was the most patient, kind, sympathetic and the upmost professional attorney throughout the entire process. He was also extremely knowledgeable about the law and was creative when the case worked through the twists and turns. He was also a heck of a fighter for me and got me more settlement than I was expecting. I only wish I called him sooner! Thank you so much Graham, you are an amazing lawyer!!"
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