5 Star Review – David Smith

OPM tried to fleece my retirement because I did not pay back my military time. It was referred to as “Catch 62”. They tried every dirty trick in the book including intimidation, giving me only two days to find a lawyer, misrepresentation and underhanded tricks. Even though I was guaranteed a 50% retirement being in a high stress position, OPM was not going to honor that. They were going to reduce my retirement to 35% and take away my cola raises for the previous 11 years. The favorable judgment rate was only 28% in the Atlanta area. Fortunately enough I had requested a copy from my agency before retirement of what would happen at age 62. I could not file based on the fact that they were going completely against a law passed by congress.

Graham came up with the idea to file based on administrative error since I had proof of what they told me to expect at age 62. The OPM lawyer put a false document in my file that tried to give the judge the impression that I had known what the final effect would be. When the judge found out that the lawyer had done this she went postal on the OPM lawyer. It was all over from there.

I had to pay thousands just to get a 2% increase in my retirement but in the long run because they couldn’t reduce it to 35% I have saved tens of thousands. Wow, thank you for your service, they have done this to many veterans. A catch is a misrepresentation or deception and this really was.

If Graham was this good at the beginning of his career, I can’t even imagine how incredible he is now. It was the luckiest thing that ever happened in my life finding him. He was extremely professional and listened to everything I had to say. I really had no hope of winning, but he made it happen. He won the right to pay it back as well as all legal expenses paid.

I whole heartedly believe in him and am jumping up and down to endorse him. You would be very fortunate to have his firm behind you. THANK YOU Graham!!!

David Smith – Atlanta, GA

"When I felt all hope was lost, I contacted Graham Scofield to see if he could represent me. He immediately called me back and thoroughly reviewed with me the case. He was the most patient, kind, sympathetic and the upmost professional attorney throughout the entire process. He was also extremely knowledgeable about the law and was creative when the case worked through the twists and turns. He was also a heck of a fighter for me and got me more settlement than I was expecting. I only wish I called him sooner! Thank you so much Graham, you are an amazing lawyer!!"
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