Safe Bicycle Routes in Atlanta

Safe Bicycle Routes in Atlanta

While biking on surface streets is legal in Atlanta, you may want to take a different route than you normally would when driving. Here are some of the safe trails and areas where you can ride. 

Atlanta BeltLine

24 Fairlie St. NW, Atlanta

(404) 477-3003

The Atlanta beltline is made of a large network of multi-use trails and colorful murals. In addition to biking, it is used by pedestrians for walking and jogging. There are also dining and retail establishments on the Eastside and Westside Trails.

Silver Comet Trail

Mavell Road Trailhead, Smyrna.

This paved trail is named after the Silver Comet Rail Train that once ran from Atlanta to Birmingham. It is 61.5 miles long and starts at the Mavell Road Trailhead in Smyrna and ends at the Georgia/Alabama state line near Cedartown. 

Arabia Mountain Trail


(404) 998-8384

The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Trail is 30 miles and runs along I-20. There are biking, hiking, and running trails that take you past exposed granite and lakes.

Chastain Park Trail

Chastain Park Trail, Atlanta

(404) 237-2177

Chastain Park Trail runs for three miles around Chastain Park. There are two 5K and a separate 3K course made of asphalt with a few hills. 

Stone Mountain Trail

This 19-mile trail begins at Centennial Olympic Park and travels through Freedom Park before connecting to moderately traveled streets through Candler Park and Lake Claire neighborhoods. It is a side path to the outskirts of Stone Mountain Village.

East Cobb Trail

3322 Roswell Rd., Marietta

The East Cobb Trail is about two miles long and connects many neighborhoods in Marietta. It is 

generally considered an easy and popular trail that runs from East Cobb Park to Roswell Road and is open year-round. 

Deepdene Park

2199 N Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta

Deepdene Park has an oval loop that is flat and perfect for families with young children. There are also wooded trails nearby, but those must be traveled by foot. 

Safety Tips for Bicyclists 

Bike trails are inherently safer than pedaling on the open road, but there are still concerns to take into consideration. For example, trail debris, other riders, and weather conditions. Here are a few trail safety tips to consider:

  • Stay alert and keep your eyes in front of you at all times, so you can spot trail debris and avoid it carefully.
  • Warn others riding with or behind you about impending obstructions along the trail. 
  • Carry a spare tube and a patch kit in case you blow an inner tube. 
  • Keep to the right of the trail to leave room for other pedestrians or riders, especially around corners. 
  • Always pass on the left and shout, “on your left!”
  • The chances of an accident are much higher in low-light situations, as the trails are more secluded and more dangerous without full visibility. 

These are just a few basic trail riding tips to keep in mind the next time you go out riding to help you avoid accidents, injuries, and the need for bicycle repairs. 

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