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Although trampolines have existed for decades, they became increasingly popular after trampolining became an Olympic sport at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Many parents purchased large outdoor trampolines for their children. Trampoline parks also began to spring up around the country. There are several trampoline parks in the Atlanta metro area, including Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Xdrenaline and Get Air Stone Mountain.

Trampolines can be extremely dangerous if their owners or operators do not take the proper precautions to make sure that their trampolines are safe for use. For instance, if the trampoline canvas is not strong enough, the user could fall through it and hit the ground, suffering a traumatic brain injury, spinal disc injury, or broken bones.

Our Atlanta premises liability lawyers have successfully represented many trampoline accident victims. We’ll deliver the best customer service and the greatest result. Our prior victories and our 5-star client reviews validate that promise.

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Common Trampoline Park Accidents

Some of the common trampoline park injuries are caused by the following situations:

  • Colliding ith another jumper.
  • Landing on top of another jumper, or someone lands on you.
  • Colliding with a wall or piece of equipment.
  • Falling through an unprotected area to the floor.
  • Falling through a shallow ball or foam pit.
  • Landing on a hard piece of equipment.
  • Landing or falling awkwardly after attempting a trick.

If you were injured because the trampoline park management did not perform proper maintenance at their facility, you might be able to file a claim for compensation. Contact Graham Scofield Injury Lawyers today to determine whether you have a case.

Backyard Trampoline Accidents

Not all trampoline accidents and injuries occur at trampoline parks. Many homeowners have trampolines in their yards. Unfortunately, homeowners rarely do anything to keep their trampolines safe.

At most, a homeowner might put up a net around the trampoline to prevent jumpers from falling to the ground or landing on the large outer metal ring of the trampoline. However, those nets are flimsy and they also wear down over time. Therefore, you or your child could still fall through those nets and become seriously injured.

When you are a social guest at someone’s house, you are a licensee according to Georgia’s premises liability law. In that situation, a property owner only owes you a duty to not willfully or wantonly cause you injury. If you were hurt and wanted to pursue compensation from the owner, you would need to prove that they acted recklessly or maliciously by failing to maintain the trampoline.

If your child was injured on a trampoline while trespassing on another person’s property, call us right away. Under most circumstances, Georgia does not require property owners to uphold any duty of care to trespassers. However, according to the attractive nuisance doctrine, Georgia generally permits young children to recover compensation for their injuries – even if they were trespassing – if it can be shown that the property owner knew children might trespass and play on the trampoline.

Trampoline Park Injuries

Some of the most common trampoline injuries are muscle, tendon, and ligament sprains and strains, many of which will heal with time and rest. However, some sprains and strains are severe and require surgery and physical therapy.

Many adults and children suffer broken arms, legs, and feet as the result of trampoline accidents. Even the simplest fracture can cause the victim to have his or her arm or leg in a cast for several months. Severe fractures typically require surgery, including the insertion of screws and pins to stabilize the fracture. Once the cast is removed, the victim usually undergoes months of physical therapy to regain strength and flexibility in the damaged limb. Sometimes, victims that suffer broken bones have a permanent loss of sensation or reduced range of motion even after the bone heals.

Some trampoline accident victims suffer head or brain trauma. When you strike your head on another person, a piece of equipment, or a wall, you might suffer a concussion or a more serious traumatic brain injury (TBI). You might also suffer a skull fracture or other brain injuries, which can have serious side effects and permanent consequences.

If you or a loved one land on your back after falling on a trampoline, you could fracture one or more vertebrae in your spine. Spinal vertebrae fractures can also damage your spinal cord. If your spinal cord is severed, you might become fully paralyzed from the injury site downward.

Most trampoline accident injuries are preventable. If a trampoline park owner/manager or another party did not provide an adequately safe environment for you and other guests, call our Atlanta personal injury lawyers right away. You might have the right to file a trampoline park lawsuit and seek compensation for your injuries.

Trampoline Park Dangers

It is dangerous to assume that trampoline parks are entirely safe for adults or children. Before visiting one of those facilities, you should be aware of the potential hazards.

Lack of Safety Regulations

Trampoline parks are not regulated by the federal or state government. That means that there is no minimum requirement for foam padding on walls or equipment. There is also no minimum requirement regarding how deep foam pits should be to protect jumpers from hitting the floor below.

However, just like any other site that is open to the public, trampoline parks must be reasonably safe for visitors. Some organizations, such as the International Association of Trampoline Parks, make safety recommendations to trampoline parks. If a trampoline park decides not to follow those guidelines, and a trampoline park user is injured as a result, sometimes those guidelines can be used to show that the trampoline park operator did not act reasonably to construct or maintain the park.

Lack of Safety Training

There is little training and education regarding how to properly use a trampoline park. Anyone can walk in off of the street and pay to use those facilities. In many locations, trampoline park visitors receive brief instructions through a short safety video. Kids might be too young or excited to pay attention to the video, understand the risks, and follow the instructions.

Crowded Trampolines

Trampoline parks also fill up quickly. The more crowded the trampolines become, the greater the likelihood that one person will collide with another person. That greatly increases the risk of trampoline injuries.

Filing a Trampoline Lawsuit Against a Business

There are many circumstances in which the property owner that is responsible for the trampoline might be liable for your injuries. Under Georgia’s premises liability law, property owners might be liable for injuries to invitees. Invitees are individuals that are on the property with implicit or explicit permission for a business purpose.

Property owners owe invitees a duty of ordinary care to keep the premises safe. That includes inspecting the premises and finding possible hazards. The owners should take steps to correct the hazards, make them inaccessible to invitees, or provide appropriate warnings to their guests.

When you visit a trampoline park, you are an invitee. If the property owner failed to use ordinary care in keeping the premises safe for you and your children, then the owner’s negligence makes them responsible for your injuries.

If you were injured at a trampoline park in the Atlanta metro area, such as Sky Zone Trampoline Park, Xdrenaline or, Get Air Stone Mountain, call us at Graham Scofield Injury Lawyers immediately.

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Trampoline parks are meant to be fun attractions for you and your family to enjoy. We all reasonably expect that trampoline park owners will keep the parks safe for all visitors. Unfortunately, not all trampoline parks are created equally. Some trampoline parks are more dangerous than others, usually because the owners decided not to invest in park safety and maintenance.

When the owners of a trampoline park fail to warn you or your loved ones about a hazard on or near the trampoline, they violate Georgia’s premises liability laws, and should be held liable for your trampoline accident injuries. In that situation, you should act fast and contact an Atlanta premises liability attorney.

Are you or your child suffering from harm that you suffered on a trampoline at someone’s home, or a trampoline park? You might have the right to seek compensation for your physical, psychological, and financial injuries. At Graham Scofield Injury Lawyers, we are prepared to help with your case. Our team will conduct an in-depth review of the accident and gather evidence regarding fault and your damages. If we believe that you have a valid claim against a business or homeowner, we will fight for you to receive fair compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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