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    Each year, bus accidents fatally wound hundreds of people and injure thousands more. Those fortunate enough to survive a school bus accident, Megabus accident, or MARTA bus crash are then left to deal with the life-altering physical and mental consequences of the accident.

    Whenever a bus collision occurs, there are always several possible responsible parties, such as the bus driver, the bus company, bus equipment manufacturers, or other drivers. If you’ve been harmed in a bus accident, reach out to the veteran bus accident lawyers at Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC at (404) 419-6674 or via our online form, so our Atlanta accident attorneys can help you recover just compensation for your losses.

    Bus Accidents Can Pose a Threat to Many

    Many people use a bus service as part of their daily routine to commute to work and school. Others use buses less frequently, such as when they travel and participate in a sight-seeing tour. Each passenger aboard the bus has placed their safety in the hands of the bus operator. The passenger reasonably expects that the bus operator will deliver them to their destination on time and without harm.

    Given the volume of passengers on most buses, there are a massive number of injuries and deaths that might occur if the bus crashes. Many other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians might be impacted, as well due to the large size of buses.

    Compensation in Bus Accident Claims

    There are three types of damages that you might qualify to receive if you were injured by a bus. Economic damages include your quantifiable losses, such as lost wages, medical expenses, and damaged property. Non-economic damages consist of less quantifiable costs, including your pain and suffering. Punitive damages can be awarded by a jury in the most egregious cases. They are designed to punish an offender.

    When you’re severely injured by a bus, the last thing that you want to do is to worry about how to recover compensation for your losses. You don’t have to navigate the legal process on your own. Our best personal injury lawyers stand ready to be your advocates so that we can make your voice heard and you can focus on getting the medical treatment you need to recover from your injuries. We provide compassionate legal service to our clients when disaster strikes. Contact our skilled bus accident attorneys and let us explain all of your options.

    Bus Accident Causes

    Bus accidents can be caused by many factors including, but not limited to, the following:

    The bus driver is not always the one responsible for causing the collision. Negligent motorists, careless bicyclists, or unaware pedestrians might be the culprit. Regardless of what causes the accident, you deserve to be fully compensated for your losses. In order to achieve that goal, you need a veteran bus lawyer at your side. Your lawyer will identify the cause of the collision and create a strategy to hold that person or business accountable.

    What to Do If You are Involved in a Bus Accident

    If you are a bus accident victim, there are some critical steps that must take to give your case the best chance of success:

    • Take photos of the accident and photos of the injuries to yourself and others. The photographs will show the severity of the collision and the injuries that you have suffered.
    • Collect detailed information from the other people involved in the accident. Victims’ accounts of the collision provide multiple perspectives. They can useful to identify the at fault driver.
    • Seek immediate medical attention and order copies of all of your medical records. Medical records are the best summary of your injuries and treatment. The insurance adjuster will spend hours reviewing them to evaluate the scope of your injuries.
    • File a police report. Filing a police report is the first step towards taking legal action to recover compensation for your losses. The information that you should provide to the police includes a description of the event, names of witnesses and other victims, and the specific parts of your body that are painful at that moment. You will be able to acquire a copy of the police report within a few days.
    • Never sign any documents without first consulting a lawyer. Signing any documents without proper legal counsel could nullify your chances of recovering compensation for your losses.

    Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer If You Were Injured

    At Allen & Scofield Injury Lawyers, LLC, we understand the worries that you have about your future after being injured in a serious bus collision. Let us help shoulder those burdens for you. Contact our experienced legal team at (404) 419-6674 to take the first step in your long road to recovery.

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