Most Dangerous Parts of Atlanta to Get Into an Accident

For those who brave the traffic in Atlanta every day, you do not need to be told that the roads are beyond capacity and way below the level of service. There are many variables to the cause of accidents in Atlanta, but less than 3% are caused by a mechanical problem with a vehicle or caused by environmental conditions, like rain or fog.

The other 97%+ are caused by the behavior of the driver.

This blog will identify the most dangerous parts of Atlanta where the majority of the accidents occur. This identification lends to both highways and major surface roads.

A Few Statistics

In the measuring of deadly car crashes in the US, Georgia is ranked No. 4. Atlanta is ranked near the top of the list for car accidents in the US. Atlanta is also ranked No. 9 in the nation for delays caused by traffic congestion.

In 2020, the pandemic year with fewer vehicles on the roads, there was actually an uptick in car accidents as drivers interpreted this as an invitation to speed. This trend continued into 2021.

In April, 2020, the Atlanta city council passed the Vision Zero ordinance authorizing both a study and an action plan. It is true there will be fewer accidents if the roads had a safer design with speed controls, but we have to get there. The traffic will become even more snarled and dangerous with the redesigning of the streets and the intersections.

Where Do Most Accidents Occur?

Before getting to the list of intersections and highway locations, know that the majority of car accidents occur in urban areas at intersections of major surface roads. A small percentage of car accidents occur on highways. The highways are designed to move people through the city; the major surface roads are designed to move people from point to point within the city. With the left-turn and right-turn-only lanes coupled with the desire “to make the light,” these are the best circumstances for accidents.

Below are 6 of the most dangerous intersections in Atlanta:

  1. Monroe Drive and Piedmont Avenue
  2. North Druid Hills Road and Briarcliff Road
  3. Camp Creek Parkway and Butner Road
  4. Venture Drive and Steve Reynolds Boulevard
  5. Medlock Bridge Road and State Bridge Road
  6. Moreland Avenue between South River Industrial Boulevard and Wylie Street

The 4 most dangerous stretches of highway routes are:

  1. I-85 from I-75 to Springdale Drive
  2. I-285 from the I-20 Interchange to Bouldercrest Road
  3. I-285 between Camp Creek Parkway and Riverdale Road
  4. I-20 between Panola Road and Candler Road

Most Dangerous Parts of Atlanta to Get Into an Accident

Ways to Reduce Crashes

There are 6 items listed below that, if every driver practiced these sensible habits, there may be significantly fewer car accidents on Atlanta’s roads. These commonsense habits are known, but not followed. By your being aware and familiar with these habits, although not pertaining specifically to you, they can be recognized in the driving of those around you. Your recognizing these behaviors in others will lead to proactive maneuvers on your part.

  1. Set podcasts, playlists, and GPS coordinates before you enter into traffic
  2. Do not let your passengers distract you
  3. Drive alert and sober
  4. Do not look around or reach for items in the car
  5. Do not tailgate
  6. Remember that unnecessary risks are not necessary

Atlanta is crowded as are its roads. The roads are over capacity, and it is our responsibility to keep the roads safe by driving smart. We certainly cannot be responsible for the actions of others but, if we are paying attention, defensive driving will go a long way in avoiding car crashes.

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