5 Leading Causes of Car Accidents in Georgia

Car accident in Atlanta, GA

In its report on the disturbing rise in deaths due to motor vehicle crashes from 2014-2016, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also revealed the leading car accident causes in Georgia. Some factors will sound familiar to you. Others may surprise you. Although you can avoid many of the dangerous behaviors that frequently cause car accidents, there are many other careless drivers on the road that may endanger you and your passengers.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you may feel devastated. Expensive medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress are just a few of the harms victims endure. Georgia law authorizes you to recover compensation after your car accident, but it’s wise to retain a skilled Atlanta car accident lawyer to assist with the complicated claims process. Our attorneys at Graham Scofield Injury Lawyers, have the experience and dedication necessary to protect your interests, so please contact us at (404) 939-9470 or online to schedule a free consultation.

Even if you can’t entirely avoid injury-causing auto collisions, it’s useful to familiarize yourself with the leading causes of car accidents in Georgia.

  1. Speed
    Motorists who speed have less time to react to external factors and the actions of other drivers, making it difficult to avoid a crash. That is true whether they’re exceeding the posted limit, or if they’re simply traveling too fast for road or weather conditions. Victims often suffer serious injuries because of the stronger collision impact at excessive speeds.

  2. Alcohol and Controlled Substances
    Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal, but many individuals still drink and drive. Alcohol and drugs impair drivers’ physical capabilities, mental awareness, focus, and reaction time; plus, the euphoric effects of alcohol and drug inspire bad judgment and erratic traffic maneuvers. If you were hit by a drunk driver, contact a drunk driving accident lawyer today.

  3. Distraction
    Distracted driving has recently emerged as one of the leading causes of car accidents in Georgia. Deaths due to cell phone usage, grooming, operating the radio, and other unsafe conduct rose by a third from 2014-2016 in Georgia.

    Texting while driving is an especially shocking trend, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) demonstrates. Creating or reviewing a message takes a driver’s eyes off of the road for five seconds. Traveling at a speed of 55 miles per hour, that’s the equivalent of driving the length of a football field while blindfolded.

  4. Fatigue
    Falling asleep behind the wheel is dangerous. But, even drowsy driving diminishes a motorist’s capabilities. Drivers are less able to focus on the road, their reaction time is greatly diminished, and drivers who are tired are generally less likely to make responsible decisions. The NHTSA estimates that fatigue is a factor in around 72,000 crashes and 44,000 deaths annually, though other sources believe the impact of fatigue is far worse.

  5. Inexperience
    Driving is a skill that improves with practice and exposure to unexpected conditions. Motorists who have not had as much time to develop good driving habits may not recognize conditions that could lead to accidents. Teens and other young drivers are inexperienced and potential collision threats.

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